At Downey, Smith & Fier our mission is simple; build long-term relationships with our clients by providing value through outstanding service.  We provide measurable value through recovery studies, audit defense and tax planning.  Our services reduce your company’s overall tax cost by identifying refunds, unclaimed exemptions and credits, and/or reducing audit assessments.  Our fees come from the value we bring - all self-funding services.  That is, our clients typically pay our fees from the refunds/savings we bring to them.  

That said, we recognize that our clients have limited, if any, resources available to support additional/special projects even though they may provide value.  Accordingly, we manage all aspects of the project and require minimal client resources.  Our service teams include prior business owners, accountants, former tax auditors, statisticians and tax professionals with over 80 years of collective experience.

We pride ourselves on the responsive and personalized nature of our services.  We approach every issue as if it’s our own.  We take pride in our long-term relationships with our clients, unique for a project driven recovery firm.  At the completion of every project, we ensure our clients understand our process, the issues reviewed, the statutory support for all conclusions and how to improve their processes.  Thereafter, we act as a resource for future state legislative and policy changes, a sounding board for technical issues and an advisor on specific issues.  We clearly communicate our findings and results to empower our clients to make better tax decisions.

Our clients span a broad base ensuring expertise and experience at every level.  We perform work in every industry with every size company including many Fortune 500 companies, as well as, large, medium & small corporations down to sole proprietors.

Downey, Smith & Fier performs most recovery services on a contingent basis; however, we also work with many of our clients on an hourly or flat fee basis.  We are open to discussing other fee arrangements and designing a service plan that meets your company’s needs, whether contingent, hourly, flat fee or combination of these.