Downey Smith & Fier’s tax professionals have over 100 years of experience as state auditors and consultants representing taxpayers.

During our years of experience dealing with, and working for, state tax authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that provides you with a strategic advantage.  These services include:

  • Pre-Audit Review
  • Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Sampling Evaluation
  • Audit Management
  • Post-Audit Review

Other audit representation services include: Appeals & Protests, Settlement Negotiations and Board Representation. 

State & local tax audits can be a significant burden on your company's personnel.  We are available to support and manage tax audits so your business resources stay focused on your primary objectives.  In addition, our experience allows us to identify issues upfront, so they can be corrected and properly reported for financial purposes.

Taxing jurisdictions, including the California Board of Equalization and other states, have historically audited larger and midsize companies looking for additional revenue.  Now, with states facing severe budget deficits, the audits are becoming much more aggressive and the assessments larger.  Combined with higher turnover in audit departments due to layoffs and the hiring of new inexperienced auditors, you have the perfect storm for incorrect and often overpaid tax assessments.

Downey, Smith & Fier’s over 100 years of experience challenging audits allows DSF to quickly identify errors in the auditor’s applications of the law, policies and just plain calculation errors that can significantly reduce and often eliminate any deficiencies. 

Many assessments result from miscommunication before, during and after the audit.  DSF can help you with all three of these audit phases.  First, DSF can strategize with you to set the proper scope of the audit.  Second, DSF can correspond with the auditor to stay within scope and manage the time you and your staff spend on the audit.  Finally, we can assist with the appeals process and represent your best interests so that only the correct amount of tax is paid by you historically and prospectively.

Our approach goes one step further and identifies overpayments through transactions where tax was paid, an area that auditors typically do not examine.